Quarter Life Crisis

Going through the daily life of a young 20-something in manhattan and all the quirks of men, school, work, friends... sounds pretty lame but it can be very interesting. Using this to keep all my friends up-to-date with all the excitement. hah. enjoy.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Wow... whatta day... whatta week thus far... so as i previously wrote i heard from DA but dont care too much... then yesterday i had off and sat on my ass all day- fun fun, then AO called me up bc she was at dinner and wanted to go out for a drink to talk etc.. so we get all pretty dressed up in some sun dresses and looked more 30-something, it was fun. Knew the night was going to be good when we staked out a place on park ave and after being there 5 min the owner decided to come over to the bar and make us two drinks of our choice on the house- Extra Dirty Martini's it was!! so now that we were feeling all loose we stopped by this place called flute to meet up with my promo friend who always takes me out to the hot spots for free entry, no waiting on line, straight to VIP, drinking from his bottles which we dont pay for... he is the quintessensial accessory object to the NYC nightlife. After eating some spring rolls we decided we were too tired to head to Aer and i drove AO to her car... i made a few phone calls on the way just to see what else was up for the night. I called D, and he called me back suprisingly to tell me to stop by and how he was leaving for Egypt this sunday for more than a month... i said how i was pissed because when i told him we were just going to be friends i didnt hear from him for over 3 weeks... so i show up looking mighty fine i think and start drinking right away to ease into the situation... every time i go there i know everyone who works there and feel like theyre VIP its great- free drinks and a hookah is set up right infront of me, i love it. So D starts his usual jabb about how he thinks im so beauituful, wants to run away with me, wants to be with me yada yada making me feel bad... yes that "pity" was starting to come on fast-- and yes i put myself right back into a bad situation again. I told him i was going to leave and he said he would walk me to my car- Hello! RED FLAG- but i stlil let him... those 5 vodka tonics didnt help with my clarity.. so he goes to tell me he wants to send me a ticket so i will come visit in egypt- and yes i would go! are you kidding me? id go for like 5 days and make it the best time ever!! then kisses me and i kissed him back, why not give the guy something to make him happy before he leaves right? So then he drops the bomb... he tells me "Im in love with you" and most women wait and wait til they hear these beauitful words one day... but from someone they love back! I didnt know what to say, so i said uhhh no you dont, and he said yes i do, i love you... CRAP. So with that i got in my car and drove back to my apt. I mean, i wish i could care about this guy, but with his track record it would just never ever ever work... after that night, i need to sit and do nothing for the rest of the day!


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