Quarter Life Crisis

Going through the daily life of a young 20-something in manhattan and all the quirks of men, school, work, friends... sounds pretty lame but it can be very interesting. Using this to keep all my friends up-to-date with all the excitement. hah. enjoy.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Well its been a whileeee.... thats simply bc ive been off in a little place of paradise... St. Thomas.

To start, the night before i left my wonderful friend KK from Boston came down to go enjoy her first Yankee game with me (even though shes a raging BoSox fan). We started our subway trek to the bronx, went to the pinstrip club for dinner thanks to my mom's season tix. We drank alot, alot, alot of beer. And instead of going to her seats we snuck down to about the 14th row behind home plate... not too shabby huh? After the yanks won and me and KK caught up on allllll the stuff we missed this summer, it was off home to go out for a crazy ass night. We got home around 11.... jumped in the shower, threw on a totally new set of sexy clothes then jumped in the cab to stop at Le Souk... another hookah bar in the village that has great monday nights. Got there and i said hello to the bouncer whom i know threw the slew of D's friends etc. Went inside to visit another Promo i know but it was wayyyy too packed. Saw that trainer from Crunch ironically... he was throwing compliments my way but not in the mood to stay there since there was no where to move or breathe. Jump in another cab and head to Aer. It was a private party and my main Promo was there so downstairs we head to VIP. It was a good group of people... and the funniest person EVER was there... sooo a long long time ago, in the 90's.. if you ever saw that magazine BOP it had all those heart throbs... remember? Well it was JTT's rival. Hah, Andrew Keegen was there, and KK pointed him out. This kid or dude was dressed now with his long tresses, kinda skinny, with the trendy rockstar wear on. I think his days of fame are far past but he still had a blast. So we drank, and drank, and drank.... and i was absolutely hammerd. I havent been that drunk in a very long time and add it on to what was flowing in our blood from the yank game. So we leave and decide it will be fun to walk from 13th to 26th... got out food and got home around 5am. It was beautiful, nothing special, but so nice to spend a crazy night with KK

Then i leave for St. Thomas and the Virgin Islands. It was FANTASTIC. I know i rant and rave about Domincan Rep and such, but this place was the most relaxing, chill, do as you please place ever. I get down there and all it is, is islands-white sands-boats-etc. I get to this place called Secret Harbor and fall i love. I meet up with my aunt/uncle, 2 cousins one 20 one 16, and their good family friend with a girl my age, and a brother 19 with two of his friends. We spent the next days drinking.. i caught up and reached a new level with my 2 cousins that was much needed, i want to keep in touch with him more often. One day we chartered 2 boats throughout st John and the british virgin islands.... all i have to say is wow. Stopped at this place called Foxy's which has the #3 new years eve party in the world which im considering this year? And then my favorite spot was a boat called Willy T's. This boat has a kitchen on it that makes all food and the other half was a bar. Its notoriously known for women getting absolutely naked walkin up to the top deck and jumping off the back two stories down into the water. So my aunt gets hammered along with everyone else which was so nice and tells me to do it. Instead of a tshirt which i reaaaalllly wanted- she made a deal with the bartender i get a bottle of his rum and a tank top. Deal! So i crawl up top, strip down, laughing the whole time, threw my bathing suit down and jumped! infront of everyone and it was absolutly amazing. I love swimmin naked and took it on myself to do so for the next 3 days. I think i made those 3 young boys entire vacation, one of the cutest ones ran up top and jumped off just so he could meet me in the water while i was still naked. I found it cute just because it was, if he was older id think he was a dirtbag. I considered giving this kid a kiss and making his day, but it didnt happened because i sobered up haha. The rest of the vacation went as so- traveling to pristine beaches, laying in the sun, drinking, eating, laughing. Not only do i feel 15lbs heavier so im gona start or more like stop eating and work out haha, but i feel so releived. I made some great friends, good bond with my family, and relaxed. Coming home was bad enough, i want to be there atleast every 4 months. Now im enjoying my day off, going to get my starbucks fix, and motivate for 3 hours at the gym.


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