Quarter Life Crisis

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Saturday, August 06, 2005

So i took a little breather this weekend which was really nice... before friday though i had a fun little encounter on thursday... so let me set up the scenerio for you:

Imagine, a few weeks ago at your gym you see a boxer who has sex appeal dripping off him but a little bit of european mixed in too... boxer's body, hair long enough to just tie back in an elastic which is when it looks best- and him looking at you from the ring with his passionate eyes.. yes i was like mmm mmm mmm. And just my luck the boxing trainer that gives me random free lessons and flirts with me trains him too- so i introduced myself and it turns out he owns his own a restaurant down in the village, its italian and so is he.. thats right off the boat born and raised italian stallion thats been in the states for 7 years... yum! So he offers his card and dinner at his restaurant, i took him up on it but it was short night and i went home early and thanked him... but i got a phone call thursday, my day off, and he was asking how i was etc and said he had some time and would stop by- we both knew that it wasnt to just stop by and say hello

So to begin this segment, he says he will be over and will take his harley davidson over here... i could only imagine how sexy he looked on that thing. Comes to my apt and with his fantastic italian accent greets me as bella (yeh sure fire way to get my clothes off!) and sits down... he looked GOOD. We sit and chat about life, what hes doing- including him leaving the country to go live with his brother by september) so that was a sad thing to hear. And i just looked googly-eyed at him when he would try you use words and english and they didnt come out right, so cute. So after fun convo, he tells me he's really only been with 2 american woman while here (the rest have been intern'l) and no one younger then him, being 30. Thats alot to live up to huh? So im thinkin he's some AMAZING passionate expressive love etc, and he asks me to sit closer. Starts rubbing my shoulder saying things under his breathe, and his kissing was a little short of fantastic... it was just kinda "off", i had to teach him my way and it took a little but we got it after a while... then moves to take off my shirt and starts saying how fantastic my breast were- like he hasnt seen 3000 pairs by now? This is a kicker, he then begins to start doing this thing that made me want to burst out laughing... so you know that new movie Wedding Crasher? And that scene where Vince Vauhn was doing the Motorboat? Um, yeh... thats all i could think, was the motor boat- this guy was going nuts over my chest and then started doing this wierd thing where honestly i thought when i guy blows air lightly your breasts its sensual you know, but this guy started blowing air at my breasts like he was putting a freakin fire out! All this time i kept my eyes clsoed and TRIED not to burst out laughing or say what the shit are you doing! SO then to end that i moved him off the couch with me towards the bed... where he did that whole sexy take my clothes off, this was good. Then he goes to remove his jeans and hes comando... wonder how that feels riding a harley? So hes your typical euro who didnt have the pleasure of that little procedure done to baby boys after birth, but its ok, bc i didnt focus on that- all i knew was now i have a new respect for real-deal italian men, not sure if the same can be said about the american guido, hah. His body, looked MUCH better in clothes though... and it was light- so my whole fantasy about this passionate italian man man with the accent and passion went out the window... what a freakin let down huh?! After we laid on my bed talking for a while, which made me feel bad and get over the fact of what had just i think occured but he seemed thoroughly satisfied and happy because id say we were laying naked talking about 5 mins after going over to the bed.... hah, ill take that as a compliment- 3rd time the charm (for the american part) and i guess that rumor he told me about younger woman being better than older woman was true in my case... so maybe i turned out to be his fantasy more than mine. Ill deal and totally hang out with him again, maybe this time keeping him clothed and speaking to my face... not sputtering and blowing out wide fires on my breasts! What a nice way to spend my day off!


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