Quarter Life Crisis

Going through the daily life of a young 20-something in manhattan and all the quirks of men, school, work, friends... sounds pretty lame but it can be very interesting. Using this to keep all my friends up-to-date with all the excitement. hah. enjoy.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I know its been a while... but theres not too much news to report... ive been spending days at the beach with the 'rents, as it was just my father's birthday... they officially own completely the beach house and am so thrilled when they retire they will actually be EXTREMELY well off since they will accumulate all that our house in north jersey is worth and can do whatever they like with that huge chunk of change.

I have been speaking to DA alot lately actually... and i like it alot. Almost every other day, and long talks about everything... and some very "satisfying" convo's at that... only would be more satisfying if we were physically together because on the computer it sounds as good as it was. I am looking to go visit him for columbus day weekend and will probably not see the light of day. and i cant wait. any more news ill let you know but now is the calm before the storm, meaning the start of fall/school. yikes.


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