Quarter Life Crisis

Going through the daily life of a young 20-something in manhattan and all the quirks of men, school, work, friends... sounds pretty lame but it can be very interesting. Using this to keep all my friends up-to-date with all the excitement. hah. enjoy.

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Well its sunday night.... and dont feel much better after a weekend at long beach island. Went down with my best friend AO in high hopes to let all the stress that has been building up go. We got stuck in horrid traffic out of manhattan friday to get down to lbi at 8pm. Decide to goto the Borgata in atlantic city... our weekend stomping grounds which normally is a blast... previous time i had a very cute encounter with mr. michael buble.... if he didnt chose to leave with some asian hooker- typical, very typical. Well this time we were stuck with the guido pumping trance music and crowd... not condusive to me and ao's passion of dancing like we're in the next hip-hop video. So we play slots... i win 50$ and to me thats BEAUITFUL! then decide to leave go home and eat... yeh much better. Sat night we decide to goto the Q-deck which is notorious for the white trash local's of lbi... so your asking what the draw was to this place? Mr. Vanilla Ice himself was making an appearance. Hah, what the hell is that? I have no answers... so we go, hate the f-ing crowd, drink as much as possible and its 12:45 and still not on stage... so we go outside to talk about our options- get interviewd by the local newpaper which our picture appeared in previously bashing the q-deck and Vanilla ice then leave to go home. That was it. That was the freakin weekend. Not only have i not heared from UM which is upsetting as hell... but still having issues with JM because still hasnt tried to contact me since our tiff. WTF. The only phone call i recieved was my french dude which i didnt answer... dont have the energy for this right now. Pretty pissy tonight, the conclusion about men seriously bothering me from all angles right now isnt funny. Hope this week turns out better because im getting sick of this all fast. Talk to you tomorrow, family guy is on (!) probably the one thing ive looked forward to.


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