Quarter Life Crisis

Going through the daily life of a young 20-something in manhattan and all the quirks of men, school, work, friends... sounds pretty lame but it can be very interesting. Using this to keep all my friends up-to-date with all the excitement. hah. enjoy.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

So... this blog thing... i guess its a easy access way to describe my screwy rollercoaster life and share it with others so i can see how many people can relate and also to read over my choices in hopes to clarify some things for myself...

Im still young, a barely 20-something woman attempting to live your norm life in new york city... grew up as your typical northern jersey-girl- which should speak in of itself, went to boston for my first two years of college to realize i hated it, then transferred right back to the city i spent many crazy nights in... and still so many things are way too new for my not so naiive self.

I recently read an article in the New Yorker describing the nightlive's of a few girls barely the age of 19 and how the view their life, love, men, etc.... the scariest thing is i did the same damn thing as them in the uber-cool nightlife so untouchable to so many... i had to laugh... its 19 going on 35 and messing around with middle-life-crisised men... beautiful isnt it?

So thus far- its becomming late summer, hot as hell, i work at a plastic surgeon's office (we will talk about this another time) just finished up summer courses and did extremely well though i never showed up, clinicals in hospitals around manhattan when id rather be sleeping, dating around... but more repeating then anything else (which we all know, is just not good). Since a blog is supposed to be short random inserts whenever possible.... ill leave the next blog to list my fun current man-list... and believe me it is worth waiting for... for now goodnight, because i need some damn beauty rest for my complimentary trainer tomorrow at Crunch, though ive been a member for over 6 months... i love how men use the "comp trainer session" to impress.... love em hate em cant get rid of em so why not use what they offer? ;o)


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